YOUMANS | Unghiedellamadonna x Libra Nails Lab


      Welcome to the YOUMANS revolution

      YOUMANS was born from the collaboration between Libra Nails Lab and Isabella Franchi, aka Unghghiedellamadonna, with the goal of conveying a message of acceptance and inclusion, even when it comes to nails. 

      YOUMANS is a collection of semi-permanent nail polishes in eight different skin tones aimed at all skin types and gender identities. The aim is to foreground the individuality of each of us also, and especially, through nail art as an expression of our personality and aesthetics under the banner of freedom of self-identification. 

      The collection consists of eight soak-off gel glazes from dark brown to pale pink, Hema and Di-Hema free. Different degrees of coverage are given by the amount of product applied. For best results, it is recommended to apply a first thin layer and cure in a lamp. If necessary, apply another layer.

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