About Us

No matter whether displayed on the shelf of your home workshop or in your beauty salon, our products will convey a sense of balance, elegance and joy.

We firmly believe that, in addition to the quality of the product, the eye also deserves its share!

To go from her first semi-permanent experimented on herself with a kit received as a gift , to achieving the level of Master and being recognized for her unmistakable Cartoon-themed Nail Art at an international level, Giulia, founder of Libra Nails Lab , follows a path distinguished by continuous training in all the different fields of the Nails industry, until she gets to put herself on the line in several national and international competitions.

Driven by passion, she decided to take advantage of the skills she had acquired to create a Brand in her own image and likeness, where the fundamental aspect that distinguishes the products is an INCI completely free of HEMA and DI-HEMA.

The only goal was to create a UV gel system without compromising on quality and capable of returning the best possible result to clients.

The name "LIBRA" comes from our zodiac sign and our need for harmony. We firmly believe that it is necessary to find the right balance in what we do, and in Giulia's life the passion for the Nails world has always been the outlet valve, what keeps and has always kept everything exactly in balance.

The words "NAILS LAB" refer to the magical place where every nail artist can experiment and play, try new products, paint, make mistakes and start again.

A place for professionals and clients to come together, where everyone can feel fulfilled by a well-groomed manicure.